Gratis Rapport over hoe Mind mapping software boosts executive productivity and creativity by 30%: survey

Gratis Rapport over hoe Mind mapping software de productiviteit en creativiteit van executives verhoogt met 30%

November 8, 2019 by Chuck Frey Comments (0) TweetSharePin

New research reveals the vital role mind mapping software plays in tackling complex business challenges

Mind mapping software is an essential tool that savvy executives rely on to help them bring order and clarity to complex issues and challenges, innovate more effectively and uncover new connections and insights in their work, according to participants in the 2019 Mind Mapping Software Trends Survey.

Download the Mind Mapping Software Trends Survey report

Published by the Mind Mapping Software Blog, this biennial survey showed that it increases the productivity and creativity of its users by an average of 30%. This represents a 10% increase since the 2017 survey. Expert users enjoy even bigger gains.

The majority of survey respondents also say mind mapping software is essential for helping them distill information and reach clarity faster, as well as to tackle complex tasks that they may have otherwise avoided if they didn’t use mind mapping software.

New questions in this year’s survey focused on:

  • Mind mapping software’s evolving role as a solution of choice for visualizing and working efficiently with vast quantities of information,
  • Its degree of efficacy as a dynamic information dashboard,
  • How effective it is at helping to prevent information overload (not as much as you would think!),
  • Its ability to make data, information and knowledge more relevant and useful to its users and others, and
  • Their reaction to software developers adding new views and diagram types to their mind mapping programs (e.g., kanban, timeline and flow chart views).

To learn more about how your peers are using mind mapping software to enhance their work, download the report by clicking on the button below.

Download the 2019 Mind Mapping Software Trends Survey Report