Het nieuwe MindManager forum is operationeel

Helaas konden alle oude vragen en antwoorden niet meer worden teruggehaald, maar in elk geval kunnen we elkaar nu weer helpen.

Welcome to the new MindManager User Community

Craig Bond shared this announcement 2 days ago Subscribe

Hey MindManagers!

Welcome to our new user community. We’re so glad you can be a part of it.

It’s a place where you can post questions, ideas and discussions about MindManager and get replies from MindManager staff and fellow users.

Start posting today!

In order to get our community off the ground, we depend on engagement from our users. Your help is appreciated to start creating new posts.

Click here to create your first topic >

Our staff will be actively engaged to reply to questions and ideas, and we encourage you to do the same.

How to log in

Our new user community is tied to the MindManager account services platform. Users can log in using their existing MindManager account, or create a new account. If you are creating a new account, please make note of your account details as you will need them when you wish to trial the latest software.

Note that legacy “Mindjet” accounts cannot be used to sign into the community. If your existing credentials are not working to log in, you likely need to create a new account.

Visitors may browse the community freely. However, logging in is required in order to post, comment, or vote.

A note about user rankings

Gain points by contributing. For every post or comment you submit, you get points toward the next ranking. You also get points when people vote for your idea, or if your answer to a question is chosen as the best answer. You will see your ranking in your user profile or on pages where you have posted topics or replies.

What happened to the old forum?

Regrettably our forum provider, Get Satisfaction, abruptly discontinued service for all customers. We lost all data and are starting completely from scratch. On the plus side, it gave us the opportunity to tie the new user community to our MindManager account services platform and start fresh.

Thanks for being here. We look forward to hearing your questions and ideas!

Your MindManager Team