MindGenius Online (voorheen Barvas)

Standing still is not an option.

Across the organisation we are constantly challenged to improve performance. Whether achieved by small incremental changes (Activities) or through major initiatives (Projects), a deep understanding of the current situation is needed to provide the foundation for a shared vision as to how improvements can be brought about.

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Barvas is a cloud based software solution, providing the capability to break down any challenge and work out the best way forward.

Explore your Challenge

The Exploration stage in Barvas :

  • Uses MindMapping techniques to harness the skills, insight and knowledge of your team, allowing you to rapidly capture and expand upon it with minimum effort.
  • Helps to clear your thoughts so you can analyse and discuss your challenge in more detail.
  • Helps align senior management so you can collectively prioritise on the right approach or steps.
  • Encourages teams to thrash out solutions have a tendency to be less entrenched in their views and find it easier to take on board fresh insights.
  • Enables an agile team dynamic where things happen quickly, where new insights are taken on board and where collective ownership instills a burning desire to make things happen.
  • Uses these proven techniques to help break down any challenge and provides the ideal platform to determine how best to move forward

Determine what needs done

The Exploration phase will typically identify many things that could be done to improve a situation. The determine stage of Barvas will help you define the best course of action given restrictions and constraints.

  • Category tags let you mark up  / classify ideas as you see fit. This organises your information in a visual way which makes your information as well as your thoughts on it alot more readable at a glance.
  • Category centric views allow you to view your thoughts from a perspective of your choosing, related to your categorisation. The benefits of this being that it helps you compare and prioritise information as well as thoughts so your focus is on what provides the most impact for the least effort.
  • Allows the Senior Management teams to develop the business strategy and prioritise operational issues
  • Provides the insight to help them effectively deploy resources across multiple projects while ensuring the team are aligned and driven in the same direction.

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Engage your Team

Barvas provides the ideal platform to assess what it takes to make a project happen.
It makes it simple to engage with people to capture requirements, identify constraints, manage risks and ultimately juggle resources such as time and costs.

  • Agree and define the background, objectives and deliverables up front, allowing anyone subsequently joining the delivery team being made fully aware of the project aims and their role within it.
  • The make-up of the delivery team in terms of skills and experience can be quickly identified allowing any gaps to be addressed early.
  • Allocate resources to progress projects, activities or tasks. With each person in the team having their own personal Workspace to highlight what they have been actioned with across all projects.
  • Gives your teams the chance to hold discussions around a specific task so when you go back to it all previous communications are in context without fishing through older email conversations or 3rd party software.

The way the product instills collaboration is to be quick and simple, keeping teams engaged and focused.

Oversee and Monitor

Each Barvas user has their own Workspace, which provides a customisable status of what they are working on. They can navigate to any of the projects they are involved in directly from here and access a range of shortcuts to access recent work.

Each user also has access to a Task Board, which provides a visual representation of how their work is progressing. From here, they and their management can see if any potential issues are a risk to progress and are able to address those before they cause delays.

The process is reflected as workstream swimlanes, with columns positioned to reflect stages in the process. Those are customisable for each project.

Task Lists and task Boards provide insight to individuals and management providing the insight required to ensure progress remains on schedule.

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