Font voor Dyslecten in MindMap software

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OpenDyslexic Font Now Available in MindMeister!

We’re proud to announce that MindMeister, which already helps countless dyslexic students organize their thoughts with the power of mind mapping, now supports OpenDyslexic – a typeface specifically created for people with dyslexia!

Albert Einstein Mind Map

OpenDyslexic is a font that aims to mitigate some of the common reading errors caused by dyslexia, such as letter confusion, rotation and crowding. With their heavy-weighted bottoms, letters have more ‘gravity’,  which helps to keep them from flipping and swapping around.


While it is not a cure for the problem and may not work for all dyslexic readers, the font has received a lot of positive feedback from users and has been installed as an optional choice in e-readers, school computers and certain websites, such as Wikipedia. It’s also available as a Chrome add-on.

Just like OpenDyslexic, the mind map format can help people with dyslexia make sense of texts.

Those with dyslexia can benefit from mind mapping software if they struggle to get their thoughts and ideas down in a structured way. It is also helpful software for those who prefer visual working as opposed to linear lists.

Over the years, we’ve heard from countless students with learning disabilities that using MindMeister has changed the way they study, improving grades and enabling them to continue climbing up the academic tree.  Combining the mind map format with the OpenDyslexic font was therefore the next logical step for us, and we’re happy to announce that the font is now available for all MindMeister users.

Mind Map with OpenDyslexic Font

To select the font in one of your mind maps, simply click on the ( i ) button in the top bar of the map editor and select “Customize”.

In the dialog that opens, select OpenDyslexic from the font menu. You can choose whether to use the font for the map’s main topic, its first-level sub topics, or all topics in the map.

Formatting mind map dialog