Hoe stel je MindManager in op Nederlands

We know that a lot of MindManager users throughout Latin America and Europe have been requesting Spanish and Dutch versions of our software. So we’re thrilled to announce that, the software is now available in these two languages!

This update is part of our ongoing effort to provide great service and localized support to all of our valued customers around the globe.

Native Dutch and Spanish speaking MindManager users can now work with MindManager in a more comfortable way that yields better results, and greater information clarity. There are no special IT efforts or special configurations required to change language settings. Users can easily change their preferred language themselves, using the built in the application settings.

Let’s walk you through how to get started.

How to change your MindManager language settings

Step 1:

Open MindManager.

Step 2:

In the File menu, click Options.

MindManager - Change Languages - Step 1

Step 3:

In the General Options tab, click the language drop down. Select your desired language

MindManager - Change Languages - Step 2


Step 4:

Click OK to the pop-up prompt. Click OK again in the Option window.

MindManager - Change Languages - Step 3

Step 5:

Restart MindManager.

MindManager - Change Languages - Step 4

Step 6:

Start working in your native language!