MindManager ’s Smart Rules named the Mind Mapping Software Innovation of the Year

Mind Mapping Software Innovation of the Year 2018

MindManager for Windows has been named the Mind Mapping Software Innovation of the Year, thanks to its groundbreaking Smart Rules functionality.

In MindManager 2018, Corel took a big step ahead in the functionality of this high-end mind mapping software program when it launched the Information Architect. It consisted of new objects that can be added to diagrams or can be used to create entirely new diagram structures. It included rectangular/square and circular/oval shapes, horizontal and vertical lines, text boxes, images, and swim lanes. These objects could be added to the map workspace and then locked. This made them behave as if they were part of a background layer. In other words, you could use these objects to create a new type of diagram, and then add floating topics to it.

Also in MindManager 2018, Corel launched conditional formatting. That enabled you to automatically cause formatting changes to take place if a certain condition was met. It did this using rules, but they could only be applied to map topics. If a value was outside of a certain range, a conditional formatting rule would tell the program to format a topic red, for example.

Smart Rules: The key to MindManager’s business intelligence

In MindManager 2019, Smart Rules represent the next generation of conditional formatting. It now enables you to empower your processes and create interactive diagrams. Smart Rules are based on a series of triggers. When a trigger is true, the effects that you have set up within the rule are applied. In addition to applying formatting when a trigger is true, it can apply metadata and make other changes to your map.READ:   Supercharge your goal setting with mind maps

Smart Rules in MindManager 2019

For the first time, Smart Rules bring business intelligence to visual maps and diagrams, based on rules you can customize. This powerful new feature can eliminate manual steps and add much more utility to your mind maps and diagrams.

That’s why I have named MindManager 2019 for Windows as the Mind Mapping Software Innovation of the Year for 2018.

The thinking behind this award

For the last 10 years, as I have reported on the evolution of mind mapping software, I have been struck how its functionality falls into two camps:

  • The first are innovations that truly advance users’ ability to capture their ideas in compelling ways and help them make sense of information, knowledge and ideas.
  • The second broad category is features that have been created apparently for their own sake. They leave me wondering, “How does this enhance the user’s experience in any meaningful way?”

Obviously, I love to see the first type of enhancement, and get quietly frustrated by the second.

Also, as the mind mapping software genre becomes more mature, I’m seeing fewer cases of true innovation. So when they DO happen, I’ve wanted a way to draw attention to them – some way to point at it and say, “This!“

This is especially important because a large number of business people still don’t seem to understand the real business value of mind mapping software. Simply arranging their ideas and tasks and radial format isn’t enough. They seem to need something more valuable to get their attention. Something that will assist them with information organization, sense making and achievement of clarity in their work.

That’s the thinking behind the Mind Mapping Software Innovation of the Year Award.

Congratulations to the MindManager development team at Corel!