MindManager voor Windows prima voor Studenten

Information visualisation software MindManager for Windows has a host of new features and enhancements to support disabled students.

Over 65% of the population are visual learners, and MindManager is designed to support this learning style with the visual management and sharing of information, in a way that is faster and simpler.

MindManager vice president of products Michael Deutch said: “MindManager works so well because it mirrors the way we naturally think, understand and learn. The “virtual whiteboard” format enables students to quickly capture ideas and data, fluidly organise and reorganise it right in front of their eyes – in any of more than 50 pre-built templates including maps, flowcharts and diagrams – and communicate it in an instantly clear and meaningful way.

“Our latest release focuses on new features that help students deliver meaning and impact to their content”

“Our latest release focuses on new features that help students deliver meaning and impact to their content, see and show information exactly as they need to, and accelerate their processes to do great work faster.”

The Benefits of MindManager for DSA Students

Students can use this intuitive, dynamic and structured visualisation process to simplify and improve some of their most essential activities, including:

  • Better Note Taking: With MindManager, students can write out their thoughts and see the connections across ideas and information. They can even add images, colors and icons to highlight key concepts and increase retention.
  • More Powerful Presentations: Visually structuring information not only makes it easier to understand, it also makes it easier to present. MindManager lets students show the big picture, and then drill down to the details to answer questions.
  • Effective Research: MindManager makes it easy to organize research into major topics and subtopics, using attachments and links that can be viewed in context, without having to jump from app to app or website to website.
  • Efficient Workflows: Thanks to the Microsoft integrations built into MindManager, students can seamlessly move content from the brainstorming and development phase of a project, to a finished document or presentation.

MindManager includes:

  • NEW! SmartRules: Go beyond conditional formatting to transform maps from simply representing processes and workflows to driving and accelerating them. Automatically trigger changes, not only in topic look and feel, but in actual topic data, by writing rules that change topic icons, tags, properties, progress status, and priority markers.
  • NEW! Objects and Smart Shapes: Enrich, clarify, and expand what can be accomplished with MindManager thanks to 12 new objects and Smart Shapes. Group topics to distinguish areas of importance, or combine customisable Smart Shapes and objects to build new templates and diagram types that support your unique objectives.
  • NEW! Tag View: Get a clear picture of overall progress to keep things on track and on time.View and manage content in Kanban-style columns organized by custom tag groups. Update tasks with lightning speed by dragging and dropping topics between tag group columns.
  • NEW! Icon View: View map content organized by Priority, Progress, or any of the 500+ new and enhanced icons to see and show the exact information you need, the moment you need it. Easily add or change topic icons within the view via simple drag and drop to work quickly and efficiently.
  • NEW! Match Width: Ensure your audience is focused on your presentation’s content, instead of its structure. Standardise topic width to create more readable and engaging presentations.
  • NEW! HTML5 Export & Publish with Filtering: Move projects and conversations forward by seamlessly sharing maps that are easier for people to navigate and understand. Filter exported and published maps based on icons, tags, resources, and more.
  • NEW! Templates: Explore 15 new templates including Kanban, funnel and matrix diagrams, schedule and free form maps, and more.
  • NEW! Theme Designs: Choose from 40+ stunning new visual themes that feature fresh colors and modern fonts. Transform your map’s look, feel, and tone with a single click, and effortlessly switch themes to engage different audiences.
  • NEW! Easy Theme Editor: Create highly customized visualizations aligned with your brand, content, and vision. Easily adjust topic text, fonts, shapes, lines, colors, and more, or change a map’s visual theme without changing its structure.
  • NEW! Gantt Pro enhancements for MindManager Enterprise: Now it’s even easier for Enterprise users to add new, predecessor, and successor tasks in Gantt Pro.
  • PLUS, take advantage of dozens of usability enhancements designed to make building and managing map content faster and easier than ever before, including an enhanced menu design, custom topic shapes, adjustable line thickness, default template settings, and many more.

In addition, MindManager continues to offer integrations with the applications students rely on such as Dropbox and Google Drive.