TheBrain 10: Instant Idea Capture and Control

Introducing our most powerful release yet, TheBrain 10. Designed for fast, easy knowledge capture and organization, TheBrain 10 is loaded with new features and enhancements so you can be prepared for your next great innovation and never let a great idea go to waste!

Download Version 10

TheBrain 10 is a free upgrade with a Pro Services subscription and for purchases made after July 17, 2018.

TheBrain 10 Features

BrainBox: Instant Information Capture

  • BrainBox lets you send information to your Brain quickly and easily. Just click the icon in the top-right corner of TheBrain for Windows or macOS for instant access.
  • Add information from any web browser with a single click.
  • Windows: Add files directly from File Explorer.
  • macOS: Drag and drop to TheBrain in the dock.
  • Learn more.

Visible Types and Tags

  • To display all the thoughts under a specific type or tag, just link the type or tag thought as a child or jump
  • Linkable types and tags eliminate the need to create two thoughts when you want to show all instances of a type or tag within the plex
  • You can even change a normal thought into a type or tag and vice versa at any time

Instant Access Tags

  • Tag icons that show on thoughts are now clickable
  • Tag icon context menu including command to replace a tag with another in a single step
  • Can be organized under each other so they are easier to apply
  • Can have background colors associated with them
  • Can be applied to types

More Types and Tags Improvements

  • Can be created via the toolbar
  • Can be selected via the Select Related Thoughts function
  • Are represented with a thin outline and different background shapes both in the plex and other parts of the UI such as search results
  • Types have rounded sides
  • Tags have chamfered top-left and bottom-right corners

Presentation Mode

  • Presentation mode makes your Brain full-screen, hiding the title bar, menu bar, toolbar and Brain tabs
  • On Windows and macOS the taskbar and dock are also hidden
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be used to switch amongst open Brain tabs without exiting presentation mode
  • Just start typing to search and the controls appear and disappear as needed

Notes Improvements

  • Preference added controlling the effect of the Enter key to either create a single line break or a paragraph break
  • Insert thought link button enables searching for a thought and no longer requires that the selected text match a thought name exactly

Dark Mode

  • All new user interface theme changes the windows, menus, icons and other user interface elements to be predominantly dark grey

More Powerful Search

  • External attachments are included in search results
  • Search using automatic acronyms (ex. find “New York Stock Exchange” by typing “nyse”)
  • Search for thoughts starting with punctuation

Improved Properties Dialog

  • All inherited properties (icon, label and colors) are displayed in the properties dialog
  • When a thought is a type or tag, this is indicated clearly in the dialog
  • Better layout

Improved Thought Creation Dialog

  • Existing thought matches are displayed even when using the semicolon to create multiple thoughts
  • Link to multiple existing thoughts by typing a semicolon after selecting a thought, just like linking multiple new thoughts
  • Create thoughts and link to existing thoughts at the same time
  • Assign tags to existing thoughts as part of the link process

User Interface Improvements

  • All-new space-saving layout on Windows
  • Link labels are more subtle and are hidden when not connected to the active thought
  • When attachments are displayed as a list, the space used is dynamically adjusted based on the number of attachments
  • Keyboard arrow and enter keys can be used to select an attachment to open
  • The reports area can be resized
  • Customizable thought context menu lets you eliminate unused commands
  • Context menus added to search results, reports, and type/tag navigation lists
  • Brain theme dialog colors are better organized and easier to change
  • New top level Window menu and tab context menus
  • Duplicate tab command

User Interface Rendering

  • Display of thought’s outlines is crisper
  • Dark favicons are shown on a white background
  • Better distant thoughts layout for increased readability
  • Thoughts throughout the user interface in locations like search results and reports are rendered to more closely resemble the style in the plex, with accurate background colors and sizes
  • Tags and types are displayed with their correct colors, icons, and background shapes in menus
  • The pins and past thought list are displayed using a smaller size font to conserve space and enable showing longer thought names

Timeline and Events

  • Event changes are shown in thought/link history
  • Weekends are highlighted in the timeline

Increased responsiveness

  • Performance optimization continues in version 10, including optimizations to animation/rendering and backend functions

Find and Replace of Names, Labels & Locations

  • Find and replace all occurrences of text within thought names and labels, link labels, external attachment paths and URLs
  • Includes support for regular expressions
  • Preview of results lets you see what will be done before execution
  • Changes are undoable

Powerful Export

  • All-new export feature
  • Export directly to JSON, text outline, or folders
  • Folder export includes support for all attachments, notes and multiple parents
  • Export your entire brain or just the selected thoughts

Copy and Paste Improvements

  • Detection of duplicate Thought names when pasting a text outline
  • Capture image to clipboard command
  • Existing objects detected dialog is resizable

Plus More

  • There are many more small improvements in TheBrain 10 and we’ve still got more planned before the final release.

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