Wat gaat artificial intelligence ( AI) betekenen voor Mind Map Software?

Deep impact: How artificial intelligence will transform mind mapping software

AI and mind mapping software

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to make a huge impact in our work and lives during the next several years. Most types of software will be transformed by its far-reaching effects, and mind mapping software is no exception.  I have created a new report to help you understand what the intersection of these two technologies may look like.

AI and mind mapping software reportBased on research I recently conducted about artificial intelligence, conversations I had with many of the world’s leading mind mapping software developers and some deep thinking about its potential, I’m convinced that AI has the potential to radically alter the ways in which we interact with mind mapping software. I have summarized my findings and predictions in a new report: AI & Mind Mapping Software: How Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Intelligent Agents & Image Recognition Will Revolutionize Visual Thinking.

This new report provides you with overviews of the major AI technologies, explains them in plain English and provides examples of how they’re used today. It then explores multiple perspectives on how they may be incorporated into mind mapping software in the years ahead – and the astounding new capabilities they may make possible.

How important is AI?

Here’s what a selection of experts and researchers have to say about its significance:

  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai says artificial intelligence is going to have a bigger impact on the world than some of the most ubiquitous innovations in history, such as electricity or fire.
  • “About 100 years ago, electricity transformed every major industry. AI has advanced to the point where it has the power to transform” every major sector in coming years.” – Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera and founder of the Google Brain Deep Learning Project
  • “We are entering a new world. The technologies of machine learning, speech recognition, and natural language understanding are reaching a nexus of capability. The end result is that we’ll soon have artificially intelligent assistants to help us in every aspect of our lives.” – Amy Stapleton, independent industry analyst, Opus Research
  • “There is an opportunity to fundamentally change how we work – a promise made more compelling by the fact that these cognitive based systems will be able to learn and adapt to our particular situation.” – James Haight, Analyst, Blue Hill Research

If you’re a current user of mind mapping software or are seriously considering investing in it, you’ll want to understand how it is likely to evolve in the next 5-10 years. The possibilities are truly mind-boggling.

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