Exciting New Feature Launch From Barvas

Store and Manage All Project Related Files In One Place

Barvas now offers you the ability to upload files from your local PC to branches and tasks, ensuring all supporting project material is stored in one place and sharing material is easier than ever before.

When you login you will see we have renamed the Documents tab, Files. This is where you will find all of your project files.

How To Upload Files

There are two ways to upload files. You can drag and drop files on to the task/branch dialog as well as attach files to task cards on the task board.

You can also directly upload files from the Files area.

Access Project Information Easily

When you attach or drag and drop files to the task card they also save in the Files area.
All related information is then stored alongside each other and is easily accessible.

So even if you forget which task card an important document is attached to, you will know you can find it with ease in the Files area.

Nog veel meer informatie over BARVAS voor slimmer project management vind je hier