MAP 3.8 voor MindManager is er NU!

The 3.8 release of MAP will be the last prior to the release of MAP 4.0 later this year and contains three new functions to help you Map better, faster & smarter than ever before.

Property Manager Offers Flexible Property Management

50 Reasons to Buy MAP for MindManager

The latest edition of MAP for MindManager includes a new Property Manager functionality enabling the quick and easy management and editing of Custom Properties within your Maps.

Property Manager scans your current Map and then displays an instance of all Properties used in the Map. This includes standard Properties and also Formulas.

You can select Properties from a Property List and then change their attributes and values. Changes can then be applied across the current Map selection or across the entire Map.

With Property Manager you can change Property Types, Property Name, Property Values as well as remove/delete Properties that have become redundant.

Property Manager replaces the Property Renamer and Edit Property Value funcitons from previous versions of MAP.

Learn more here: Property Manager

Selecting Map Topics by Level

Select Topic(s) by LevelMAP 3.8 includes a new function to help you select Map Topics by their level in the Map.

The new function enables you to “stack” selections making it easier to edit changes Topic Style elements such as Font, Fill Color, Shape etc. when you need to adjust your Map styling on the fly.

Learn more here: Select Topics by Level

Bespoke Prefixing of Topic Text

Topic PrefixMAP 3.8 also sees the introduction of our new Topic Prefix function that enables you to create bespoke Topic Prefixes to new Topic collections or existing ones.

Custom Prefixes can be crafted with Topic Prefix that help you create Topic structures which are easier to index and also easier to export to MS Word.

You can create sets of New Topics within the Map or apply a new Prefix to existing Topics within a selection.

Topic Prefix

Numeric, Alpha-numeric and Roman Numeral styles are provided and we aim to extend these in MAP 4.0

Learn more here: Topic Prefix

MAP 4.0

MAP 3.8 will be the last interim update prior to our planned release of MAP 4.0 later this year.

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